Catalogue Number:WCD021
Release Date:0000-00-00
Review:Moussoiou is acknowledged as a classic of international music. The instrumentation is percussion-rich and full of the harmonies and effects of West African string instruments and is augmented very subtly by a very lucid and sympathetic production. And Oumou's voice is, well, spectacular. It's quite unnecessary to have a translation of the Wolof--this is a spectacular vindication of the notion that music transcends barriers of culture and language like no other kind of art, and the emotion and the beauty of the sound coming from Sangare's voice demands all your attention. Reading the translations on the sleevenotes is the icing on the cake: check "Diaraby Nene" ["The Thrill of Love"], if you dare, and choke back the tears. The lyrics deal with the traditional and changing roles of women in African society, the joys and pains of being in love and a bit of ancient history, too. Moussoiou is a classic African vocal album by one of World's finest singers