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Release Date:1998-09-29
Review:This is the album that first brought N'Dour international attention and it's easy to see why. Apart from the gorgeous title track, his prayer for (and plea to) his Senegalese countrymen abroad, there is plenty of his arresting mbalax rhythms here, marvellously danceable with the tama drum working across the juddering beat. But it's that inimitable, eerily high voice that shines throughout. After hearing this disc, Peter Gabriel became N'Dour's mentor, helping to launch him to global fame. But in many ways this remains far more rootsy and satisfying than much of the work N'Dour's done since; it's made for his native market without compromise. There is a true earthiness to a track like "Taaw", with its excellent guitar work by Jimmy Mbaye, and throughout N'Dour's band Super Etoile really get to stretch out. A seminal piece of N'Dour. --