Firin'In Fouta
Firin'In Fouta
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Release Date:1994-11-10
Review:Spin (10/94, p.118) - Highly Recommended - "...the latest overproduced album by Senegal's greatest singer..." Q Magazine (11/94, p.115) - 3 Stars - Good - "...follows his finely crafted LAM TORO album with a brasher set notable less for its delicate African shadings and more for its moves towards dance music..." Mojo (1/95, p.112) - "...a mega-budget spread of strings, horns and guests (including a posse of Irish folkers!), cossetted by plush production. Sonically inventive as well as traditionally-grounded..." New Musical Express (2/11/95, p.41) - 6 - Good - "...can anyone mass-market the very essence of Baaba Maal's music (that's been handed down in Senegal through the centuries)? Well, you can only try, and this remains an intriguing clash of cultures..." Option (3-4/95, pp.115-117) - "...Building tracks around sound bites recorded in his remote village, Maal combines the celestial chamber music of traditional West African string instruments with the slamming electric rhythms of his band, then overlays a knock-out horn section and strings. It's been done before, but never like this..." Down Beat (6/95, p.58) - 4.5 Stars - Very Good Plus - "...meshes Senegalese rhythms with hip-hop, salsa and reggae beats, interlacing African koras with Celtic harps and talking drums with synthesizers. Rap, jazz, soul and new-age motifs segue smoothly into sampled work songs..." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------