Cape Town Revisited
Cape Town Revisited
Catalogue Number:TIP8888362
Release Date:2000-03-27
Review:Until I bought this CD (it was recommended to me by my friend) I never really was a fan of jazz music. My attitude towards jazz consisted mostly of sterotypes picturing musitians wildly and dissonantly blowing into saxophone. This CD is so much different - it is calm enough to help you relax after a long day and vivid enough to help you wake up in the morning. The music is tender and sensual and anybody could admit that this is unlikely but charming combination. It is also timeless - it could have been first performed in the sixties, seventies or maybe just a few years ago. Due to this CD I developed interest for other jazz musicians, especially Keith Jarret, Dave Burbeck, Chic Corea. Although I found many CDs in which certain tracks elevate me over and over again, in Abdullah Ibrahim's case this is true for entire CD