The Prince
The Prince
Genre:Afro Pop
Catalogue Number:WRASS022
Release Date:2000-06-05
Description:Jabu Khanyile is the lead singer with the acclaimed group Bayete. The Prince is his first solo album, which is finally released in the UK, following incredible reactions in the US, where he is just embarking on a 30 date tour,and Africa. The son of a playboy father and a mother who died when he was in his teens, Khanyile has found a refuge in music. Inspired by his father's love of music he left school early and decided that he wanted to become a musician. Jabu Khanyile’s riveting, mesmeric stage presence and his willingness to incorporate other influences into his musical mix, has led to his being promoted as Africa’s next World Music Star. He is visiting the UK to promote the album and his first tour of UK is scheduled for September. Khanyile describes the inspiation for the album: This project -my first solo album- was the wish of my ancestors; a task I gladly took up for it would allow me to share stories inspired by my family, my ancestors, my tribe, my culture and all other cultures I came into contact with -from Africa and beyond. I call myself The Prince in this album not because I believe I am better than anyone else but quite the opposite; whenever I write and create music, I am doing it not for myself but for everyone living in this beautiful land and beyond