Friends On The Road
Friends On The Road
Catalogue Number:COOKCD053
Release Date:1995-02-23
Review:Zimbabwe's Bhundu Boys tried regaining lost momentum as a worldbeat music force with this collaboration with several "friends on the road" from various musical genres. The results are gorgeous when an old Bhundu tune, "My Foolish Heart," becomes "My Foolish Harp" with the contributions of Celtic harpist Savourna Stevenson. "Radio Africa," with U.K. group the Latin Quarter starts the disc with such an international bang that the other songs with that group are all the more disappointing for their Graceland-derived fizzle. Best idea gone bad is a jit-meets-country pairing with cowboy crooner Hank Wangford which spins it wheels on the overworked "Ring of Fire." Some day, the Bhundu Boys will transcend their many difficulties to once again make the fine, if not brilliant, music that sneaks through the cracks of this lackluster disc