Black Ivory Soul
Black Ivory Soul
Genre:Afro Pop
Catalogue Number:5076162
Release Date:2002-04-08
Review:Kidjo has produced her best work to date. - For the concept behind Black Ivory Soul, Kidjo says, "I believe music is the only way to heal pain and bring people together. It's a language beyond color of skin, country or culture. I want to inspire people to think about poverty, freedom and family on a deeper level." Black Ivory Soul's genesis is the African-Brazilian connection in Kidjo's home village of Ouidah where she was born. "I grew up surrounded by Beninese kids and Brazilian Portuguese kids," she explains, noting that the settlement was known for its cultural mix. Kidjo's genealogy includes Portuguese and English ancestry, making her a true world citizen. "I grew up listening to the traditional music that the descendants of Bahia play in Benin. It's called bouniyan and its rhythm is very close to samba. In fact, when I arrived in France in 1983, I heard music by Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, and I said, 'hey, this is my music; it comes from where I come from.'"