The Chillout Sessions
The Chillout Sessions
Catalogue Number:WRASS67
Release Date:2002-06-03
Review:Ten tracks from South Africa's best loved Zulu vocal group remixed. However, it retains the authentic African sound and the version of Star and The Wiseman is simply stunning" The Times The World Will Always Be Indebted to Paul Simon for Bringing the Miracle of Ladysmith Black Mambazo to Western Audiences. By Including them on "Graceland", Countless Eyes and Ears were Opened to the Rich Musical Heritage of South Africa and Inspired Searches for Other Great Music in Non "Modern Pop" Countries. This Very Special Disc Takes Simon's Efforts a Few Steps Further and Sets the Intricate, Razor-tight Harmonies of Joseph Shabalala and Merry Men Against a Backdrop of Beats and Electronic Instruments. As You Can Imagine, the Results Are Amazing. It is Like Hearing These Songs Again for the First Time (For Longtime Fans) and an Entryway for the Uninitiated to Appreciate the Beauty of this Group. If You've Ever Liked them at all Or Had an Interest, You Must have this CD - AMAZON.COM