The Best Of The Early Years
The Best Of The Early Years
Catalogue Number:WRASS093
Release Date:2003-02-24
Description:A superstar in his native country, Senegal. Baaba Maal comes from humble beginnings. In his upbringing he absorbed both the traditional sounds of the region as well as American R&B and soul and later discovering jazz and blues (James Brown, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett and Etta James and later Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff). As a teen Maal moved to Dakar, joining the 70-piece orchestra Asly Fouta and teaming with his guitarist friend Mansour Seck to form the group Lasli Fouta; during the early 1980s, the duo also spent several years in Paris, where they recorded the 1984 album Djam Leelii. Upon returning to Senegal, Maal formed the group Daande Lenol — literally, "The Voice of the Race" — and began honing a highly distinctive sound fusing traditional African music with elements of pop and reggae; in 1988 he issued the LP Wango, the first in a series of highly successful albums which also included 1991's Baayo, 1992's Lam Toro and 1994's Firin' in Fouta. This album is the perfect collection of Maal’s material covering this entire period.