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Khaled, Cheb
Affectionately known as "the King Of Rai", Cheb Khaled has been the guiding force in the evolution, the popular youth-oriented music of Algeria. Khaled has continued to expand on the lyrically outspoken rai style of music despite the disapproval of militant Islamics and self-imposed exile in Paris. Learning to play the guitar, bass, accordion and harmonica as a child. Leaving home and forming a band, The Five Stars, he began performing at local parties, weddings and clubs. After releasing several self-produced cassettes, Khaled became involved with pop-minded record producer. Khaled experienced great resistance towards his music, which often incorporated anti-fundamentalist lyrics and spoke candidly about romance. Until 1983, his recordings were censored by the Algerian government. Khaled was not the only harrassed rai performer. Cheb Hasni, known as "The prince of rai" was one of several rai artists murdered. Fearing for his own life, Khaled moved to Paris in 1990.