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Kayirebwa, Cecile
With the abolition of the old Tutsi monarchy and independence from Belgium in 1960, Cecile realised that an extremely rich and beautiful musical culture was in danger of disappearing. For the next forty years Cecile worked tirelessly both at home in Rwanda and in Belgium, where she lived for twenty years, to share the love of her countryıs music with others and to heal the pangs of homesickness felt by exiled Rwandese all over the world. Her music isn't an exercise in cultural purity however. It encompasses all the musical influences which played a part in her life and the result is a rich, polyphonic and multi-instrumental style, well showcased on her 1994 release on Globestyle Records entitled Rwanda. All cultures have recognised the healing power of music and if there's anyone who can contribute significantly to the long tortuous process of rescuing Rwanda from the trauma of genocidal hatred then it must be Cecile Kayirebwa. Biography by Andy Morgan, May 2001.