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Dube, Lucky
While successful reggae artists have traditionally hailed from the Island of Jamaica, over the past decade South African native Lucky Dube (pronounced doobay) has delivered some of the most conscious and substantive roots reggae songs to hit the airwaves "The spirit of Lucky Dube's music and dance epitomizes the spirit of Black liberation" (Village Voice) and has kept the struggles of the people of South Africa in the thoughts of audiences the world over. Dube became the best-selling artist in all of Africa during the 1980s and '90s, and has gained popularity in North America, the Caribbean and Europe. Born into poverty in South African, Lucky Dube began his musical career in 1979 as a singer of Zulu "mbaqanga" music. In 1984, after a number of successful gold albums, Dube made the monumental transition to "Reggae, which he describes as "the one and only way of sending a message to the masses Lucky Dube has produced nine highly successful reggae albums, including the multi-platinum released House Of Exile and Victims. His diverse lyrical appetite has addressed such issues as the political realities of his country, racial misconceptions, women and children living in poverty, and affairs of the heart.