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El-Moukhadrami, Ensemble
There are many albums of Griots from Mali, Senegal, Gambia and elsewhere in West Africa, however it is much more uncommon to hear Griots from Mauritania. These Griots are quite different than their West African colleagues, and it would seem that the use of "Griot" here refers more to the similarity of their roles in society, rather than any direct historical links (Griot being a French derivative of the Mandinka Jeli, in Mauritania these musician are known by the Berber word iggiw). There are other similarities, such as the instrumentation, which features the tidinit (lute) and the ardin (harp), similar to the ngoni and kora of Mandinka fame. However, the actual music played features an unusual confluence of Arabic and Berber roots, very different from other West African Griots and unlike any other North African music