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Kante, Mory
Mory Kante is a remarkable musician with a great many achievments in Africa and globally. He has won numerous awards, recorded many highly successful international albums and, in October 2001, was appointed F.A.O. ambassador to help in the mission to fight hunger and reduce poverty worldwide. Going right back to the time he was in his mother's womb in Guinea, she communicated with him through music. Mory's grandfather who was a spiritual leader of the griots, passed on his own name to him, and the track 'Alamina Badoubaden' on Morys's latest album is a tribute to him. While at school Mory learnt to play the balafon, his family's emblematic instrument. At the age of 15 he went to Bamako, Mali, and went through the initiation journey to become a griot. On his musical journey he explored all different genres from different parts of the world. Before long Mory joined the famous Rail Band, playing guitar and balafon, and was also vocalist. Mory had also learnt to play the kora which he now is most well known for and, having left the Rail Band, settled in Abidjan in 1978 and made a decision to give traditional African instruments the prominent place in his music. He played regularly at the Climbier club and in 1982 directed the Mande ballet. In 1984 Mory moved to Paris where he recorded more albums, took part in the 'Tam- Tams for Ethiopia' project with Manu Dibango, and got many opportunities for touring. He found a balance in crossover music that was much appreciated and his reputation grew. Several of Mory's songs have been used in films, and are well known internationally, in particular 'Yeke Yeke'. Mory's 2001 album Tamala (Le Voyageur) includes 'Nin Kadi (Too Much of a Good Thing)' with Shola Ama that was released as a single. Backing vocals on all tracks are by Mama Keita and rap vocals on track 'Yakha' are by Mory's son Kader.