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Fassi, Brenda
Long hailed as South Africa's undisputed Queen of the Vocals, Brenda Fassie first hit the radios and townships of Johannesburg with her tune 'Weekend Special' way back in 1986. Born in Langa, Cape Town, in 1964, Brenda's first musical endeavour was at the age of four, when, inspired by her pianist mother, she formed a singing group. By the time she was 14, she had already moved to Johannesburg to seek her fortune. Using the South Western Townships (Soweto) as her base, Brenda was asked to stand in for an absent member of one of the hotter groups of that era, called Joy. Hers was instant success. Joining two other groups, Blondie and Papa then the Big Dudes in quick succession, it was not long before Brenda was recording her solo debut, 'Weekend Special'. Soon, the song was a hit even in Britain