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Bagayogo, Issa
This is the second international release for Issa Bagayogo, known in his native Mali as "Techno Issa." Bagayogo plays the kamélé n'goni, a form of small guitar typically played by hunters in the region, but his moniker is well earned. In the mid-nineties, destitute from a failed attempt to make it on the Bamako music scene and abandoned by his wife, he met producer Yves Wernert. Wernert's Studio Bogolan is a recent venture funded in part by legendary Malian guitarist Ali Farka Touré. Wernert and Moussa Koné, one of Touré's guitar collaborators, convinced Bagayogo to risk fusing his kamélé n'goni with the digital sounds at state-of-the-art Studio Bogolan. Bagayogo agreed, and his next album, Sya, made waves in Mali and abroad. The same general formula can be heard on Timbuktu.