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Kanza, Lokua
Lokua Kanza, born in Bukava (Zaire) and grew up surrounded by music. Very early he learned to play "Zaire Rumba" on the guitar and developed his soft and clear voice in a church choir. He went to a conservatoire later in order to study classical guitar and musicology. Nevertheless traditional African music remained his main interest. He often listened to the music of the old wise men, played in various groups in Kinshasa and became guitarist of the famous Zaire star Abeti. He went to Paris in 1984 where he played and sang for the bands of Ray Lema, Papa Wemba and Manu Dibango. In cooperation with other musicians Lokua has developed his individual style - very poetic and rhythmic ballads which have their roots in African tradition and which sound both modern and jazz. His music conveys deepness and a peaceful atmosphere.