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Ten young, energetic performers blend ancient rituals, and contemporary vision. Wofa!--which means "come together" in the Guinean Sousou dialect--is a non-stop explosion of drumming, dancing, and chanting. Wofa's performances, driven by the strong pulse and polyrhythms of Guinean music, feature a myriad of drums and rhythm instruments. These include djembé (lead drum), dunun (bass drum), balafon (marimba), and wassakhoumba (similar to multiple castanets, usually reserved for ritual ceremonies), as well as singing and dancing. The dancer-musicians give free rein to their spontaneity, to their joy, and to their remarkable dexterity; Wofa's performance is a mixture of ritual and creation. The explosive power of the ensemble has met with tremendous audience response around the world. They participated in the MASA 95 festival of African culture in Ivory Coast and played on the Champs Elysées for the 200th Anniversary Bastille Day celebration. The group has toured extensively through Europe, Asia and North America including a 1998 residency in the French Caribbean and concerts from Los Angeles to Alaska.