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Isaac, Ismael
Ismael Isaac was born in Ivory Coast's capital Abidjan in 1966. He grew up in the urban ghetto, bumping to the sounds of funk in the 70's and reggae after Bob Marley's death in 1981. One bright evening, his country discovers Alpha blondy, now Africa's Reggae Ruler, on the television show Premiere Chance. The road is paved for Ivory Coast reggae artist. Ismael sneaks into the television studio but no one will give him a chance to show his talent. One day, while the crew is out to lunch, Ismael is able to sing for Georgie Koukou, keyboard player and arranger of Radio Television Ivorienne's orchestra. he is immediately booked for an appearance on Premiere Chance. Ismael's career is now launched. The death of Ousseine Keita, his musical mentor, created difficult times, but he is nevertheless able to release his first album "Rahman" in 1990. The International success of "Rahman" earns him a recording contract with Island Records. In 1993 he released "Taxi Jump", featuring Salif Keita, Angelique Kidjo, Ismael Lo and Mory Kante, produced by Phillipe Constantin. After the untimely death of Phillipe, Ismael left Island. In 1996 he released "Treich Feelings". In his candid voice, Ismael shares the insights that life has brought him, the dangers of polygamy ("Faden Kele"), the roubles of inner city youth ("Abidjan Siqui"), the importance of farmers ("sene"), the illusions of show-business ("Magouille Production") and politics ("Babylon Hypocrits"). He also evokes moments of personal history such as his voyage searching for his mother in the village in 97 ("Bansa"), his father's hospitality towards strangers ("Lonan Tche") and the love of a woman which jeopardizes his friendships ("Elle m'a drague").