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Misiani, Owen, Daniel
D.O. Misiani (born: Daniel Owen Misiani) was one of the pioneers of Kenya's benga, described as 'a rhythm guitar with strong roots in nyatiti harp playing and a punchy, up-front, bass line'. With his soft, flowing, singing in the Luo language of western Kenya set to the hard-driving accompaniment of his band, Shirati Jazz, Misiani continues to inspire dancers with his uptempo music. A native of Shirati, Tanzania, Misiani launched his musical career after moving north of the border to Kenya in the early-60s. While his early receodings featured his acoustic guitar playing, he switched to the electric guitar and formed Shirati Jazz in 1967. During the 1970s, Misiani and Shirati Jazz ranked among the most commercially successful musical groups in Kenya. While their early songs focused on affairs of the heart, Misiana and Shirati Jazz increasingly shifted to themes of African history and the Bible.