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One of the most exciting bands from Madagascar, Njava has been attracting international attention since their crowd-rousing set at the WOMAD Festival in 1995. Mostly comprised of siblings ' two sisters and three brothers from the south Madagascar's Antemoto tribe. Njava brings a modern sensibility to the traditional music of their homeland. Initially an electric band, Njava began focusing on traditional music after moving to Brussels, Belgium in the early-90s. Their debut album, Vetse, released in 1977 by produced by influential Japanese producer Makoto Kubota. The group features Monique 'Monika' Rasoanirina on vocals, Gabrielle 'Lala' Raharimahala on vocals and percussion, Theogene 'Dozzy' Randriamanpionana on guitar, marovany and vocals, Patrick 'Pata' Randriamanjava on percussion and vocals, Maximin 'Max' Randriamanjava on bass and vocals and Serge 'Luc' Rakotomalala on guitar, percussion and vocals. Craig Harris