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Master Musicians Of Jajouka
Catalogue Number:4645362
Release Date:2000-07-03
Description:Writer William Burroughs referred to them as a "4000-year old rock & roll band". They were a defining influence on mid-60s Rolling Stones. They are the Master Musicians of Jajouka. Talvin Singh took up the challenge of collaborating with the Master Musicians of Jajouka shortly after winning the 1999 Mercury Music Prize. The Master Musicians of Jajouka are an all-male group from Morocco who have received royal patronage for centuries. This album is an ambitious mix of styles, moving from minimal trance-like jams to the electronica of tracks sych as "Searching For Passion", where the solitary wail of Bachir Attar's horn is set against Singh's ambient "atmospheres". Combining ancient rhythms with futuristic effects, including Cleveland Watkiss' vocoder, record scratching and rapidfire drum & bass, this is a vibrant release. At times Singh lapses into his electronic doodles, but the raw brilliance of the Jajouka musicians means that he never meanders there too long.--Lucy O'Brien

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Master Musicians Of Jajouka



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