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The Music In My Head 2
Catalogue Number:STCD1094
Release Date:2002-10-07

Title / Label



The Music In My Head 2



Stern's Africa 2002-10-07  
Africa - The Continent Of One Thousand Drums



Air Mail 2002-05-13  
Door To The Souk



Wrasse 2002-03-04  
African Chill



Manteca 2002-02-11  
World 2001



Virgin 2001-09-29  
AFRICA (National Geographic Soundtrack)



Wrasse 2001-09-17  



World Music Network 2001-08-20  
Natural Blues 2



Wrasse 2001-05-14  
Rough Guide To Sufi Music



World Music Network 2001-04-23  
Mali To Memphis



Putumayo 2001-02-12  
Music Of African Immigrants



Smithsonian Folkways 2000-04-10  
African Voices



Manteca 2000-03-13  
Rough Guide To The Music Of Africa



World Music Network 1999-10-11  
The Music In My Head



Stern's Africa 1998-11-10  
Palop Africa!



Earthworks 0000-00-00