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Arabesque Zoudge
Catalogue Number:34102022
Release Date:2001-09-10
Review:Arabesque Zoudge is the second in a series of great compilations based around the music and ambience of the restaurant MOMO. Unlike the well established Buddha Bar series, the music although heavily influenced by ethnic instrumentation and Arabic flavours is far more lively with very little in the way of sugar-sweet synthesisers or "chilled" new-age noodlings. The tone is set from the opening track "Yalili Ya Aini", hypnotic, downbeat trance with acoustic instrumentation and a wailing vocal melody from Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the Heart. Natacha Atlas makes an appearance with "Bahlam" and proves that there is far more to relaxing "chill-out" music than a slow groove and a soft-edged wall of sound

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Arabesque Zoudge



React 2001-09-10  
Rough Guide To The Music Of North Africa



World Music Network 1997-10-27  



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