Kita Kan
Kita Kan
Catalogue Number:4004210882
Release Date:1999-05-04
Review:Kandia Kouyate has been a singing sensation in Mali since the late 1980s, and this, her first album available in America, shows well why. Kouyate's voice is as strong and bendable as fresh bamboo--soaring over her range in a controlled yet beautiful way. Accompanied by fellow Malian treasure Ballake Sissoko on kora, and her usual host of expert musicians, Kouyate leads a collection of lovely, bubbling music. The traditionally African pieces work best here, better complementing Kouyate's vibrant, commanding voice than the sweeping orchestral-type pieces or Afro-Cuban pop songs do. Still, there are few enough of those to keep this CD an outstanding pick for a taste of the best female singer in Mali