African Odysseus
African Odysseus
Catalogue Number:WRASS65
Release Date:2002-07-29
Description:Geoffrey is looking for meaning in his music… his childhood world fell apart one day in 1977 when his father was brutally murdered on the orders of dictator Idi Amin. Up until that day, the young boy had enjoyed a privileged childhood befitting the son of Uganda's most respected police chief who later became the Minister for Natural Resources. Then came news of his father's death announced on public radio. Devastated and only 24-years old, Oryema had to be smuggled in the trunk of a car to the safety of a neighbouring country ….. Like the fabled Greek character Odysseus who begins wandering after the fall of Troy, Oryema was launched into a journey of searching for meaning in music. Oryema moved to Paris, and recorded his first album”Exile” with Brian Eno and Peter Gabriel. Since that beginning, Oryema has established himself with three further albums, as one of the leading African artists, mixing native rhythms with contemporary styles The “Best Of” is personally chosen by Geoffrey Oryema from across his career, and also includes two newly recorded versions of the tracks, Piri Wango Iya and Ye Ye Ye as well as his collaboration with Idir