At The Olympia
At The Olympia
Catalogue Number:WRASS27
Release Date:2000-08-28
Description:Cesaria Evora, was born on August 27th, 1941 in Mindelo, Cape Verde. The “Barefoot Diva” is the by far the best known Cape Verdian singer. She sings the “Morna”, the bluesy songs which have become synonymous with the region. These songs are very lyrical, yet have a melancholic dance to them, as they sing of love, longing, beauty and loss. It was the acoustic album” Miss Perfumado” which brought her world wide fame . She now tours the world and it is her live performances which are the essence of the artist. As she learnt her trade in the bars of Cape Verde, so when she performs live the full passion and bluesy intimacy of her gutsy, acoustic songs about the hardship of her country and her own life comes to the fore.
Review:This album captures what is regarded as one of the finest performances by Cesaria Evora. Recorded at The Olympia theatre, it represents her greatest hits, featuring the likes of “Sodade”, “Miss Perfumado” “Cinturao Tem Mele”, “Angola”, “mar Azul” and “Papa Joachim Paris”. Released for the first time in the UK by Wrasse Records , noticeably at mid price