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Obey, Ebenezer
Since the 1960s, Ebenezer Obey has been one of the most popular, prolific, and influential musicians in Nigeria, releasing over fifty albums, developing juju style, and conducting an informal and highly creative campaign against his competitors in the musical world. Obey's first band, the International Brothers, was formed in 1964, and played a slow and music composed of layered guitars and Yoruban percussion sounds. Always a cultural and religious traditionalist, Obey worked within the praise song mold, vaunting both Christianity and the various heads of state for whom he played. But while his lyrics were traditional, his musical direction was highly innovative. In an effort to rise above his competition, Obey began to develop new musical "systems," adding as many as 20 new musicians to his ensemble at a time, extending the length of his album tracks, and pumping out hit after hit. A stylish and bluesy guitarist whose music had been contagious in Nigeria for years, Obey finally enjoyed international success in 1980 with Current Affairs. Leon Jackson Similar Artists: King Sunny Ade Segun Adewale Roots and Influences: I.K. Dairo Franco ARTIST BROWSER more Energizing, Exciting Denser, Thicker Harsher, more Aggressive Colder, Firmer Brighter, more Dynamic more Plain, Simple Darker, more Pessimistic more Sensual, Playful more Soothing, Relaxing Lighter, Freer Gentler, more Peaceful Warmer, Softer more Low Key, Calmer more Elaborate, Sophisticated Lighter, more Cheerful more Sober, Arranged 1983 Je Ka Jo Virgin 1983 Miliki Plus Virgin 1985 Juju Jubilee Shanachie 1989 Get Yer Jujus Out Rykodisc 1998 Juju Jubilation Hemisphere Solution Sterns Various Artists Discover a Whole New World of... Guitar, Vocals Music Expert Check. If you know this artist well, your help in answering the following questions is much appreciated and will assist the AMG staff in improving the database. Artist Qualities - Do you feel this artist/group is: Some of Both Energizing, Exciting Soothing, Relaxing N/A Dense, Thick Light, Free, Transparent N/A Harsh, Aggressive Gentle, Peaceful N/A Cold, Firm Warm, Soft N/A Bright, Dynamic, Ornate Low Key, Calm, Melancholic N/A Popular, Plain, Simple Elaborate, Sophisticated N/A Dark, Pessimistic, Bitter Light, Cheerful, Sweet N/A Emotional, Sensual, Playful Sober, Arranged, Proper N/A (optional) Enter your name or initials: After making selections, Press Here to ARTISTS: Epee and Koum Africa Djole Orchestre Virunga Sam's Trio Taz Bolingo ALBUMS: