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Zawose, Hukwe
Hukwe Zawose, born in Doduma Tanzania in 1940, taught himself to sing and play ilimba (giant thumb piano) while herding his father's cows. Soon he was regarded as a gifted musician and he began to walk from village to village entertaining people with his music. "When I was a young man my voice was so sweet that people would often cry when I sang. In fact, sometimes I would hear myself and even I would cry, wondering what I had done to deserve such a precious gift." He is now one of Tanzania's foremost traditional musicians. He performs the music of his people - the Wagogo - a mix of traditional story-based pieces, political celebration songs as well as his own compositions. Apart from an unforgettable voice, Zawose performs an extraordinary array of traditional instruments including the ilimba (thumb piano), izezs (traditional violins), filimbi (traditional flute), and nguga (ankle bells). His work is a joyful celebration of his heritage, and dressed in elaborate traditional costumes his performances are an exotic and delightful spectacle. Singing songs rooted in his traditional homeland and that reflect the balance between earthy humanity and spiritual power, Zawose has earned a reputation as a musician of great significance - both as a national treasure and as a magical character of almost mythical proportions amongst his own people.