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aka. L'Okanga La Ndju Pene Luambo Makiadi After World War II, Kinshasa (the capital of what is now Zaire) became a bustling city where the popular music of Ghana (highlife), Cuba (rumba), and various local groups simmered down into the folkloric form of pop known as soukous. Franco, "the Sorcerer of the Guitar," was the leader of the TPOK Jazz Band, the most influential and popular band in Africa's modern history. A natural guitar talent, Franco joined Ebengo Dewayon's Watam band while in his early teens, cutting his first guitar solo record, "Bolingo Na Ngai Beatrice," at the tender age of 13. He formed the first edition of TPOK at the age of 15, and the group dominated the charts from that moment until Franco's death in 1990.