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The Musicians Of The Nile have shared the musical traditions of the Sudan with international audiences for more than a quarter of a century. The group continues to weave a sound that has been described as 'one hundred years of Egyptian spirituality in one neat package' and has been toasted by such jazz/avant garde musicians as Keith Jarrett and the late Sun Ra. Formed in the Egyptian city of Abu-al-Djud (now Luxor), the musicians Of The Nile reflect the singing tradition of Egypt's Gypsy families. Their first steps towards global success were taken after they were caught the attention by ethno-musicologist Alain Weber, who agreed to become their manager. With his support, the band began to tour throughout Europe. Their performance at the first WOMAD (World of Music and Dance) Festival in 1983 led to the band being signed by Peter Gabriel's RealWorld/Caroline record label and their guest appearance on Gabriel's album, Passion.