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Vali, Justin
The musical traditions are combined with modern influences by Madagascar-born and Paris-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Justin Vali (born: Justin Rokotondrasoa). A master of the vahila, a twenty-one stringed zither-like instrument, Vali has continued to build a following for his imaginative playing. Rootsworld called Vali "more proof of the vibrancy, brilliance and innovative spirit that thrives in the land of the lemurs", while, Jazztimes claimed, "this is uplifting music, full of high spirits, instrumental prowess, and, to western ears, unusual stylistic twists." Initially attracting attention as a featured artist on the compilation, Madagascar 18: Music Of Madagascar, released by World Network in the early-1980s, Vali has showcased his instrumental skills in a variety of settings. In addition to performing solo, Vali has collaborated with Sicilian frame drum and tambouring player Carlo Rizzo, French blues harmonica player Vincent Boucher and a trio that features his brothers, Romeo "Dou Dou" Randriantoandro on vocals and guitar and Clement "Clamrass" Randrianantoandro on vocals, kabossy, katsa and koritsana. Craig Harris