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Kassey, Mamar
Catalogue Number:DAQ332006
Release Date:1999-11-16
Description:This recording absolutely roars, from its broken-speaker spoken intro through every last one of its ripping guitar solos and gritty lute riffs, from searing lead vocals to an angelic backing choir. From the little-heard-from nation of Niger, this band covers a spectrum of Sahelian music, with hints of Bambara, Hausa, Fulani, and Songhai heritage drifting through this creative and original pop music. The interplay of electric guitar and traditional gut-stringed acoustic instruments is the keystone of this band's unique sound, led by Housseini Namata Chibkabou's masterful playing of the mola and komsa lutes. Driving tempos are the rule here, whether they reflect local dances or straightahead Euro-pop grooves, with a solid rhythm section pushing along the call and response of the voices. Raspy flutes add still more local edge. Mamar Kassey has bridged the gap between raw roots and sophisticated new music with talented musicians, sparkling arrangements, and solid songwriting, and offers a taste of how "Afro-pop" should be. --Louis Gibson