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Khaley Etoile
Catalogue Number:4004230142
Release Date:1998-09-29
Review:The final release in Stern's Etoile de Dakar series hits the band at the disintegrating end of its career, in some 1980s tracks that absolutely burn. There's a creative tension between the various stars in this band, all on their way to new careers, and facing Youssou N'Dour's looming international stardom. The strong Latin and rumba influences give way to a more Senegalese sound, with mbalax becoming a more common term for the music. The guitars exude a post-'60s fuzz-box sound, the horns are terse, the rhythms more local. The singers are all in their prime here, with N'Dour's trademark wail developing to full tilt and El Hadji Faye at his soulful best. The Latin groove still thrives, though, and N'Dour's "Alboury" closes the record out in steamy style

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Khaley Etoile



Sterns 1998-09-29  



Stern's Africa 1998-09-29  
Lay Suma Lay



Stern's Africa 1998-09-28