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Rough Guide To Kenya And Tanzania
Catalogue Number:RGNET1007CD
Release Date:2000-11-20
Review:This Rough Guide offers an invigorating sample of East African sounds, both traditional and modern, from Kenya and Tanzania. Taking in the acoustic roots of the music, the selection features the marimba (traditional wooden xylophone), mbira (thumb piano) and a Tanzanian drumming work-out, as well as the strong influence of Zairean dance beats and guitar styles in the region, winding up with the Arabic 'tarab' sounds of the coast. 'This collection is a gem. It is, like the region, full of happiness, gaiety, spontaneity and enthusiasm' Sydney Morning Herald Artists include: Samba Mapangala, Simba Wanyika, Master Musicians of Tanzania, Victoria Kings, Henry Makobi and Zein Musical Party

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Rough Guide To Kenya And Tanzania



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