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Sounds Of South Africa
Catalogue Number:EUCD1676
Release Date:2001-08-20

Title / Label



Sounds Of South Africa



ARC 2001-08-20  
The History Of Township Music



Wrasse 2001-05-07  
South African Legends



Putumayo 2001-02-12  
Kwaito - South African Hip Hop



Earthworks 2000-10-31  
Hits Of South Africa



Gallo 2000-10-02  
Hits Of South Africa Vol 2



Gallo 2000-10-02  
Township Swing Jazz Vol 2



Gallo 2000-10-02  
Global Vibes



MELT 2000 2000-09-18  
Reggae Over Africa



Music Club 2000-08-22  
Planet Zulu



Nascente 2000-08-14  
South African Gospel - God Bless Africa



Nascente 2000-07-24  
South Africa - Popular Gospel Choral And Acappella



Prestige 2000-05-15  
South Africa - Rough Guide To South African Jazz



World Music Network 2000-04-25  
Long Walk To Freedom



Wrasse 2000-04-24  
South Africa African Renaiisance Vol 1



Eagle 2000-04-03  
South Africa African Renaissance Vol 5



Eagle 2000-04-03  
South Africa African Renaiisance Vol 3



Eagle 2000-04-03  
South Africa African Renaissance Vol 2



Eagle 2000-04-03  
South Africa African Renaissance Vol 4



Eagle 2000-04-03  
Zulu Workers Choirs In South Africa



Heritage 1999-11-23  
Rough Guide To The Music Of South Africa



World Music Network 1999-11-01  
Indestructible Beat Of Soweto Vol 6



Earthworks 1999-10-26  
African Lullaby



Elipsis 1999-06-22  
Mbube And Sotho Accapella Choirs



ARC 1999-06-22  
Freedom Blues - South African Jazz



Music Club 1999-04-20  
South Africa - Gospel according to Earthworks



Earthworks 1999-04-07  
No Easy Walk To Freedom



Music Club 1998-06-15  
Best Of New South Africa



JMS 1996-09-02  



Elipsis 1993-06-08  
Singing In An Open Space



Rounder 1990-11-11  
Indestructible Beat Of Soweto



Shanachie 1987-07-07  
South Africa - Songs By Ndebele Women



Buda 0000-00-00  
Township Jazz N Jive



Nascente 0000-00-00  
Township Swing Jazz Vol 1



Melodie 0000-00-00  
Zulu Choral Music From South Africas



Rounder 0000-00-00